Non-perishable foods…

Thanks for looking in to see some suggestions for non-perishable foods that we’re looking for at the Harvest Festival on Sunday 31st October 2021. All donations will be passed to Instant Neighbour where they’ll make sure that they’re used to best effect.

Biscuits * Cereals * Cooking oil sprays * Lentils, beans, pulses * Long-life fruit juice * Long-life milk * Mayo, ketchup, brown sauce * Pasta & rice * Pasta sauce * Salt, pepper & spices * Tea, coffee, hot chocolate * Tinned fruit * Tinned meat and fish * Tinned soups & stews

Instant Neighbour is happy to accept fresh foods too, but if you’d like to do that please donate directly as we’ve nowhere in the church to safely store fresh food and make sure it doesn’t spoil.

Non-perishable food collection for Harvest 2021